27 Netflix family movies that educate children in values

27 Netflix family movies that educate children in values

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Moms and dads, boys and girls, take a seat because the family and home theater session is about to begin. Have you prepared the bowl of appetizers to share? Then you can turn on the television and enjoy a very pleasant time watching a very interesting film. How? You don't know which movie to choose? Nothing happens! In Guiainfantil we have prepared a list with the best Netflix family movies to watch with kids, don't miss it, they are also perfect for educate in values. We started!

There are many plans and activities that we can do from home: put our things in order, do as many of those that we have written down on the to-do list, prepare crafts, cook the usual and a few new recipes, play with the children and, of course, watching movies with the family. But not just any movie, but one with values ​​in which adults and children have a great time. Here we share our favorites with you, which one are you going to start with? Remember, all of them are available on the Netflix video platform.

1. Full out
Ariana Berlin, an Olympic gymnast, suffers a serious accident that prevents her from continuing her career. It is then that he enters the world of hip-hop and sports that serves as a lifeline to move forward. Your kids will love this movie.

2. A great coach
Phil coaches his son's soccer team while his competitive father coaches the rival team. This movie is about sports and how to resolve family conflicts.

3. My neighbor totoro
I have already told you about this movie on some other occasion. It is about the life of a father with two daughters who move to another house while the mother is hospitalized. Without a doubt, an excellent film to teach the value of courage to the little ones in the house.

4. The boy who tamed the wind
Based on the novel 'The Boy Who Tamed the Wind', it tells the story of a 13-year-old boy who builds a wind turbine to save his people in Malawi from famine. Do not miss it, which is also based on real events and can teach children many values.

5. Hotel transylvania
You are sure you already know her. Dracula, owner of Hotel Transylvania, turns out to be an overprotective father when he realizes that his daughter is growing up. Raise your hand who feels identified!

6. Spy kids
In this fun Netflix movie to watch with kids, Carmen and Juni must rescue their secret agent parents from Alexander Minion's evil plans.

7. Matilda
A charming girl with magical powers who does not hesitate to help her teacher when she needs it most.

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8. The Soccer
Why does this soccer team always lose if they do their best? Improvement and teamwork are put on the table in this fun movie to watch as a family.

9. Chosen for triumph
A 90s movie in which we see a team of Jamaicans competing in the Winter Olympics. Movies from before are also perfect to watch now.

10. put yourself in my place
Would you know how to put yourself in the shoes of your teenage daughter? And she in yours? What if it turns out that you are forced to live in each other's body? You will love watching this movie with your teenage daughter!

11. Billy elliot
If you want to teach your children to be honest with themselves and that each one can be what they want, no matter how much others insist on saying otherwise, do not stop watching this endearing movie.

12. Pets
Have you ever wondered what your pet does when you leave the house? It turns out that they have a much more exciting life than they lead us to believe ...

13. Break up ralph
Wreck-It Ralph is a villain who happens to be a hero, without a doubt a fun and emotional movie that will hook you from the first minute to the last.

14. The route to El Dorado
Miguel and Tulio go together in search of the legend of El Dorado, a city full of gold. Adventures, true friendship and good times are the keynote of this fun film.

15. Kubo and the two magic strings
Another movie to watch as a family in which we will see adventures, magic and a lot of humor while a boy goes in search of his father's magical armor.

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16. Chappie
Chappie is a really fun robot who lives with a somewhat special family. Adventures are guaranteed when the little robot sets out to prove that he too can be but very human.

We continue with the list of Netflix movies to watch with children with a very interesting batch; We warn you, you won't know which one to start with!

17. Super Monsters: Endless Friendship
The adorable Super Monsters charge back one good spring day when they decide to celebrate in style that the good weather has arrived.

18. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Have you ever seen this movie? Johnny Depp plays a quirky chocolatier, who decides to put together a fun and quirky contest. Your kids are going to love this tale by Roald Dahl!

19. The adventures of Tadeo Jones
Tadeo Jones is passionate about archeology who does not hesitate for a moment to embark on an adventure to recover the lost treasure. Perfect for children to see that dreams do come true.

20. Kangaroo dad
Dad, a successful businessman who loses his job, takes care of some mischievous children. Laughter is more than assured.

21. The karate kid
Dre Parker, a young man who moves to Japan, soon meets Mr. Han, a kung-fu master, who teaches him everything he needs to know about martial arts to defend himself from the school bully and to grow as a person. .

22. A dream for her
Daphne Reynolds is a young woman who apparently has everything and yet feels that her life is not complete because she does not know her father. Everything changes in the movie when he finally finds out who his father is and how he can go see him.

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23. Gru: Despicable Me
And for the smallest of the house we have ... 'Gru: My favorite villain'. There are several films about Gru, a villain who is really not that bad and who turns out to have a heart that does not fit in his chest. The minions will make the whole family fall in love!

24. Alvin and the Chipmunks
Singing squirrels, a music manager father and a son in his teens. It is all you need to know, you will have to discover for yourself the hilarious adventures in which they are involved.

25. Cars
Lightning McQueeen is a very competitive racing car who, thanks to fate and his new friends, realizes that in this life winning is not everything.

26. Kung Fu Panda
Did you know that a panda bear, whose father is a goose, can be an expert in martial arts? Well yes, and if you don't believe it, see this fun movie. Surely you like it as much or more than your children!

27. Naughty daniel
Do you remember the endearing adventures and misadventures of Naughty Daniel? Well, it's another perfect movie to watch with children this weekend.

What do you think of the family movies with Netflix values ​​to watch with children that we have proposed to you? Which one will you see first?

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