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Short story for children about the importance of taking care of friends. Catch the elusive squirrel

Short story for children about the importance of taking care of friends. Catch the elusive squirrel

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Friendship plays an essential role in the life of every child, but also in that of any adult. However, friendships must be taken care of because otherwise the same thing will happen to us as the squirrel protagonist of this short story, we will end up losing all friends.

Share with your children this story that will make them reflect on the importance of taking care of friends. It's titled 'Catch the Elusive Squirrel.'

A very elusive squirrel lived in the forest; she was so detached that all the animals in the forest knew her from EsquivaAlthough Pilla, who was really called that, didn't care in the least.

- Dodge, we are in the clearing of the forest to clean the holm oak - they said squirrels, dormouse and mice.

"No. Now I don't feel like it," he answered without even looking at them.

- Dodge, are you coming for a walk on the elephant trail? - The fallow deer, rabbits and hares asked him.

"No. Now I don't feel like it," he replied, yawning.

- Dodge, do you want to play? We need one to ...

- Maybe tomorrow! Now i'm very tired - He answered without stopping to finish talking to the hedgehog who was accompanied by the snakes and moles.

And so the hours, days, weeks and months passed; lying on the branch of the tree where she only got up to go to eat and take a little walk.

- I don't understand you, Pilla. How boring it must be to always be alone - her squirrel sister told her.

- ยกYou will end up being alone for real! No one will come looking for you - he said.

But Pilla had not the slightest thought of changing her attitude.

One day happened what her squirrel sister had told her so many times could happen: no one appeared there or worried about her.

At first he didn't miss anyone; She was even glad that they weren't continually teasing her.

Hours and days passed and although the fallow deer, rabbits and hares went for a walk, none went to look for her. They did not remember her.

Weeks and months passed and although hedgehogs, snakes, and moles played around her, none came looking for her. Nobody remembered her.

A whole year passed and Pilla, now much to her regret, I was still alone. She saw how all the forest animals gathered to clean the holm oak grove and not even squirrels, dormouses, mice, fallow deer, rabbits, hares, hedgehogs, snakes and moles went to look for her. Nobody remembered her.

The next morning he got up and began to finish cleaning the holm oak with all the other animals.

Reading comprehension seeks to make children understand the meaning of the words they read, but also the general message that the story conveys. This is a skill that the little ones have to work on, since it will be key in the acquisition of knowledge in the present and the future. For this reason, we can take advantage of the fact that we have read a story together to propose a series of reading comprehension exercises. Below we also suggest activities on the subject of Language.

1. Questions about the text
If you have doubts about some of the answers, you can go back to the text.

  • What did the forest animals call the squirrel?
  • Did the squirrel usually participate in the activities or games that its friends suggested?
  • What was his squirrel sister warning Esquiva about?
  • What ended up happening to his friends?

2. Adjectives that correspond to the squirrel Dodge
If your children have paid attention to the reading of the story, they will surely be able to discover which are the adjectives that correspond to the protagonist of the story

  • Generous
  • Altruistic
  • Independent
  • Boring
  • Beautiful
  • Loyal

3. Explain these phrases taken from the text
We have extracted some phrases in which your children might hesitate, since they have a more complicated meaning.

  • 'To be detached'
  • 'He didn't care in the least'
  • 'I didn't have the slightest thought'

4. What is the verb of these words?
And finally, challenge your children to discover the verbs from some adjectives in this story.

  • Bored
  • Minimum
  • Tired

So that you continue to work on the value of friendship through stories, below we have made a small compilation of stories and poems that will make children reflect on their friends.

- The blind owl
Friends help us to be better people and, when we have a problem, they are the first to be by our side to help us out. This is what this short story talks about: an owl who is left without sight and who, thanks to the help of the mouse and the rabbit, will be able to eat and play.

- Two inseparable friends
Lowin and Peter are two great friends. From the moment they met they knew that a great friendship would grow between them. However, they realize that even the greatest of friends have to take care of the relationship that is established between them.

- The two friends
This fable by La Fontaine teaches children an important moral: friendship is being generous, loyal, and helping your friend whenever he needs it. Share this story with your children and talk about the ingredients they consider essential to build a solid friendship between two people.

- The friendship of the cat and the mouse
Sometimes even the most different people (although in the case of this poem we are talking about animals) can be great friends. And it is that true friendship overcomes any obstacle or prejudice.

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