How to fight dandruff in pregnancy

How to fight dandruff in pregnancy

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Many pregnant women experience a lot of discomfort throughout the nine months of gestation. For many, fluid retention or weight gain is a problem. For others, the problems have to do with hygiene and beauty. In this area is dandruff, which for many future moms is something completely new that appears for the first time during pregnancy.

During the pregnancyThere are many physical changes that women experience, and many have to do with their hair. The hair weakens as gestation progresses, and the same happens with the nail. However, at the same time that the hair can lose its usual strength, it also more dandruff appears. The reason has to do with the hormonal changes of pregnancy, which produce alterations in the sebum of the hair and cause it to fall more or to be born weaker, as well as to appear more dandruff.

To remove dandruff that comes out in pregnancy you have to be careful with the shampoos you use. Taking into account that the hair is weaker, it is not good to choose washing shampoos that are very aggressive, but those that are free of parabens. If what we want is to carry out a shock treatment with Natural medicine, we can tell you some homemade tricks that help prevent the dreaded little white dots from appearing in the hair that end up staining the shoulders.

- White vinegar: One of the remedies that we can carry out is the one whose protagonist is White vinegarWe must not abuse, simply with a few drops together with water, we must make a mixture to wash the hair, which will stop the production of dandruff in the pregnant woman after rinsing.

- Space more hair washing: It also helps not to wash your hair every day, since the scalp tends to have more oil and that can generate unwanted dandruff.

- Aloe vera: Finally, a aloe vera leaf It can also be a great ally against dandruff that occurs during pregnancy. The homemade trick in question consists of applying the aloe vera mass to the root of the hair along with a few drops of olive oil to act as a homemade mask, being quite effective not only when it comes to removing dandruff, but also to restore the luminosity and vitality to the hair in pregnancy.

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