Tips for parents of twins or twins

Tips for parents of twins or twins

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Twins and twins tend to go hand in hand in their development, growth, and routines. In addition, having two children at the same time has its advantages: you do not need to get pregnant again to have a second baby, it is not necessary for anyone to entertain them because they play with each other much earlier than only children or those with siblings of other ages, when one learns something, they teach it to the other and they can share hobbies and skills.

However, during their first year of life, especially when they are not yet self-employed, their upbringing can overwhelm their parents, especially if they are first timers. To make this task easier, follow these recommendations.

1. Talking to other parents who have had twins or twins and reading books on twin or twin care is a great help full of good ideas for raising two babies at the same time. You can always follow the example of other parents and continue with the techniques that have successfully achieved the goals you set for yourself.

2. Breastfeeding is one of the first tips that the medical team at the hospital will give you to ensure the survival of your twin or twin babies. Breast milk is easier to digest and is essential for the immature digestive system of these babies, who with this food protect themselves against necrotizing enterocolitis, a disease that affects the intestines of premature infants when they are fed formula milk. To get enough milk for both babies and learn more about multiple breastfeeding, you can contact La Leche League, a support group for mothers who want to breastfeed their babies. Breastfeeding both babies may be easier than you think.

3. It is natural to have feelings that do not match the moment of happiness experienced by the intensity of the experience of having twins. Most parents of twins or twins go through times when they feel like they weren't born to do this job. These feelings will not last long.

4. Calm both of you at the same time. It is convenient to use the baby carrier and the stroller at the same time to care for the two babies at the same time when they cry or have become ill at the same time. This system allows autonomy, although if you can be accompanied, the better.

5. Changing diapers is very frequent. Try to have everything ready and at hand to make it easier.

6. Always have your bag ready to go for a walk. In any emergency, you just have to take it and everything will be inside.

- Think of their names. Don't go for names that sound the same. One of the most difficult tasks for all children is learning who they are as people and how they differ from others. This task is more difficult in twins, especially identical twins, because of their great resemblance.

- Avoid dressing them the same, for this very reason.

- Make sure they don't know them as "the twins". Use their names as you would two children of different ages. This will help them learn who they are. Don't make comparisons between them. It is natural for all children to be competitive and to compare themselves with each other. Being a twin and being constantly compared to your brother can make these feelings worse.

- Don't forget the other children in the family. The time that twins require can make older siblings feel forgotten. Make a special effort to regularly set aside time to spend with your other children alone.

- You and your partner are important. Try to keep your relationship alive with meetings and conversations about your feelings and problems.

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