The flu in children and pregnant women

The flu in children and pregnant women

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One of the most common viruses in winter is the flu. Every year the flu comes in a different way. This is because it has the ability to mutate. However, there is a vaccine, recommended in many cases among the population at risk.

Among the population at risk are, of course, nursing babies, pregnant women and young children with a series of characteristics, such as being asthmatic or suffering from recurrent bronchitis.

Since We explain what exactly the flu is, what its symptoms are and how to treat it, both in children and pregnant women.

The seasonal flu. Seasonal flu is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract and this virus is transmitted through the air, through the coughs or sneezes of infected people, or by direct contact through rubbing the skin. For this reason, it is very important to wash your hands frequently and avoid putting them on your face.

How to cure the flu. How we can treat the flu in children. Proper treatment to cure the flu in children. Things we should not do and what we can do to alleviate flu symptoms in children. Home remedies for the treatment of influenza in childhood.

When to get the flu shot. In which cases it is recommended to vaccinate a child against the flu. Groups at risk for influenza in children. The effectiveness of the flu vaccine in children. Why and when to use the flu vaccine in children.

When to go to the doctor? We tell you when you should take your child to the pediatrician in case of flu. Three reasons why you should take your child to the doctor if he has the flu. Sometimes a child's flu can get complicated, especially if he is young. In what cases should we take the child to the doctor?

Risks to the baby during pregnancy. The flu is a disease of the respiratory system caused by the influenza virus. In pregnancy, the immune system of women is somewhat more depressed and, therefore, pregnant women are more likely to be infected with this virus. Learn about the symptoms, causes, and how you can treat the flu in pregnancy.

Doubts about the flu in pregnant women. Doubts and effects of the flu on pregnant women. Frequently asked questions from pregnant women regarding the effects of flu during pregnancy. What you should know if you are pregnant and have the flu.

The flu shot. The flu is a viral disease that is transmitted through the air. There are risk groups such as pregnant women, the elderly, or children with respiratory diseases that should be vaccinated every year. Are there any dangers to children from getting a flu shot? The flu vaccine in children.

Fruit juices against the flu. To avoid colds and flu, which are very common in children during the change of seasons, it is advisable that we encourage children to consume more fruits through smoothies.

Influenza A and children. We explain what the flu caused by the influenza type A virus is, and how it is transmitted and affects children. Learn about the symptoms, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment for influenza in babies, children, and pregnant women.

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