Saint Yolanda's Day, December 17. Baby girl names

Saint Yolanda's Day, December 17. Baby girl names

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Yolanda is a name for a girl of Germanic origin that means 'land of riches', although a Greek origin is also proposed for this name whose meaning would be related to the beauty of a field of violets.

In any case, Yolanda is a name for girls that always evokes natural seduction, making it an ideal name for any girl highlighting her femininity. Celebrates his name day on December 17, which is the day of Saint Yolanda.

Put your daughter the name Yolanda It means highlighting an emotional, sensitive, idealistic and, at times, utopian personality, but at all times charming. Yolanda is a person who needs social relationships due to her open nature, being able to become the best of friends without neglecting her family, for which she is capable of making the greatest sacrifices.

Although it gives the impression that the name Yolanda is relatively modern, the truth is that its use dates back to ancient times, being used especially during the Middle Ages in its different versions in different European languages ​​such as Violante, Iolanda, Jolanda or Yolande. It is, in any case, a name for a girl that will undoubtedly leave a mark on the lives of the people around her because of her open nature.

Many incredible women have carried the name Yolanda throughout history, such as Yolanda of Aragon who for a time reigned over the four kingdoms of Naples, Sicily, Jerusalem and Aragon. Today, Yolanda is the name of artists, writers and actresses showing her creative ability and her gifts to dazzle the public.

But if there is something that inevitably comes to mind when we hear the name of your daughter, it is the eternal song by Pablo Milanés 'Yolanda', a song that we have all dreamed of at some time, envying all those Yolandas, worthy of receiving the Most beautiful declaration of eternal love that has ever been heard.

If you want your child to learn to write hisname Yolanda in calligraphy and you can also color it in uppercase and lowercase letters with the colors you like the most, you just have to click on the name Yolanda to print her beautiful name.

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