Videos on children's self-esteem

Videos on children's self-esteem

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Since it is impossible to make children happy by avoiding any type of setback, prepare them to face adversity It is a very effective position in educational matters. Understanding how children feel, guiding them with constant attention and affection, not demanding more or something different than what they are gifted for and, instead, supporting them to make the most of their qualities are some tips that these videos contain. How to strengthen children's self-esteem?

To identify a problem of low self-esteem in children, you have to be attentive to what is called 'the silent screams'. Children are not able to verbalize their emotions saying "I feel bad or this is happening to me." Usually, children always want to tell us how well they do things and when a child has low self-esteem problems, he does not usually talk about himself or if he talks, he speaks badly saying "I am not good for this or everything goes wrong". These children often attribute success to external factors and failure to internal values. Sometimes they are impulsive, they have very little tolerance for frustration.

Others are aggressive, annoy others, prod them because they are socially unskilled and are channeling his frustration doing the evil of others. These children not only speak ill of themselves, but also withdraw and do not participate or give their opinion in the group because they think that they cannot influence their environment, so they do not propose things or games. They tend to isolate themselves and move around, avoid communication, and get rejected by others. When all these indicators persist over time, we must think that our son has a problem and that is when he should ask for help.

There are many parents who they demand too much of their children and many children who, failing to meet their parents' expectations, end up frustrated. This case includes some situations that explain why some children have low self-esteem. Apart from this situation, there are also parents who do not accept their children, others who forget about a child because they have had a second or third child, and other parents who still unconsciously reject their children.

Children must be loved simply for the sake of being, even if they have abilities and abilities that are very different from those expected by their parents. The key is to find a balance between positive reinforcement, which should be sincere, while putting limits on children. They are told 'no' and congratulated for their good deeds.

Educate self-esteem. Raising the self-esteem of children is not an easy task for parents, children must be educated to help them cope with the frustrations and problems that they will encounter throughout their lives. With the advice of doctor Estivill you can prepare your child for tomorrow.

Identify the child with low self-esteem. Low self-esteem of children. To identify a child with low self-esteem, you have to be attentive to certain behaviors. The psychologist Alicia Banderas explains what the profile of a child with low self-esteem is.

How to strengthen self-esteem. How we can strengthen the self-esteem of children. Many times, it is not enough to tell children that we love them very much. The psychologist Alicia Bandera gives us some keys to reinforce the good self-esteem of our children, in the simplest way.

Are we responsible for low self-esteem ?. How we parents can influence the self-esteem of our children. To what extent are parents responsible for children's low self-esteem? In this video on our site, the psychologist Alicia Banderas offers us some points for reflection on the role of parents in children's self-esteem.

Teach the child to manage his emotions. Children's emotions. Parents must educate children's emotions from a very young age. Emotional intelligence will allow a healthy development of your personality. Putting limits on tantrums will allow you to channel your anger and frustration so that you are able to handle them in the future.

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