Santa Claus. Christmas poem for children

Santa Claus. Christmas poem for children

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In We offer you a Christmas poem about Santa Claus so that the children can memorize it and recite it before the family for Christmas. A good occasion to do a 'little theater' with the family during the celebrations.

Santa Claus is a poem for children. Through poems children can stimulate their memory, learn new vocabulary and learn about rhymes.

Santa Claus flies from here to there

in his sleigh by eight reindeer pulled

gifts delivered from Madrid to Panama

but my gift has not left.

Do you think I've been naughty?

I think as I watch its wake pass

I was very good, I confess!

And still, packages I did not see arrive.

But suddenly, on the floor of the room

I saw my letter, which did not reach the mailbox

My toys will not arrive

this Christmas there will be no packages!

And suddenly, smiling behind the window

there was Santa Claus who asked me

"Sleep easy until tomorrow."

And the next day when you wake up

there I was, Santa Claus did not forget me

there was a package that said: Merry Christmas!

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