High-fiber foods for children and pregnant women

High-fiber foods for children and pregnant women

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Fiber has multiple benefits for pregnant, such as the fact that its advantages make babies develop better in the womb, or that cholesterol is reduced.

It is also recommended for children, since some fiber foods reduce the levels of childhood obesity, or contribute to its bone growth. Therefore, it is advisable to know exactly what foods are good for children and pregnant women.

- Nuts: They are very necessary for the pregnant woman, without abusing, since they contribute to level the omega 3 that is needed in pregnancy. For example, foods with fiber that we find in nuts can be hazelnuts, walnuts or pistachios as well as almonds. In addition, nuts also alleviate the typical discomforts of pregnancy, such as fatigue or constipation.

- Fresh fruit: The fruit should not be eliminated from the diet of the pregnant woman, quite the opposite. In addition to contributing to a good intestinal transit, it is also good for maintaining fiber levels in the body. We can think of apples, strawberries at the time of season, or also bananas or oranges.

- Vegetables and greens: In order not to gain excessive weight in pregnancy, it must be taken into account that you have to eat healthy, so fiber levels must be covered. Foods such as lettuce, chard, carrots or spinach, as well as broccoli or pumpkin are the best option for pregnant women who want to eat foods rich in fiber.

- Fruits: The most important thing about fiber is that it is found in many foods, and not only in the first dishes, but also in desserts or snacks. For this reason, in fruits such as pears, bananas, which are also rich in potassium, apples or oranges, we find high levels of fiber that contribute to the children's development. In addition, they have a satiating effect, which makes the stomach in good condition and hunger does not appear instantly. Another example of season's fruit they are plums, which can be the center of a healthy and different snack for children.

Cereals:Cereals are one of the products that contain the most fiber for a child's diet. We can also count on rice, bread and whole wheat pasta.

- VegetablesAlthough they are not usually the saint of children's devotion, legumes are the most complete foods in fiber for their healthy diet. The legumes that contain the most fiber are lentils or beans, which can be prepared with cooked potato or carrot to make the dish even more complete.

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