Carrying pregnancies to term is also an option

Carrying pregnancies to term is also an option

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Today when it seems that there is no time for anything and we are in a hurry for everything, and above all we want to control everything. The moment of delivery, in which your child is going to be born, has not been left out of these rush and this control.

When you are pregnant and your due date is approaching, nervousness increases and doubts about the process that you are going to experience, will I be able to give birth? Will everything be alright? Can I take it? What if something goes wrong? This, coupled with the pressure that you may feel from your surroundings in recent weeks, increases your nervousness.

There are environments and women who better support this waiting, this uncertainty and these doubts, but there are families, who do not tolerate this situation and feel overwhelmed by the anguish it generates.

In this environment of waiting, nerves, pressure, the desire to meet your baby comes together and the fatigue and exhaustion of the last weeks of pregnancy are added. So it seems that the clinics and the doctor give you the solution when you are given the option of early labor induction. Suddenly that uncertainty is erased and the nerves disappear. You no longer have to wait to go into labor, you just have to wait for the day when the doctor has summoned you to the hospital to cause delivery.

Thus ends the anguish of not knowing when that moment will come and will allow you to control the situation and organize it in the most practical way. You already know, for example, when you have to have your suitcase ready, you make sure that your doctor, the one who has carried your entire pregnancy, will be present at the delivery, and if you have more children, you already know when you have to take them with your grandparents so that stay with them.

We know that induction of labor increases the risk of ending in cesarean section (WHO recommends 10% cesarean sections and in Spain we are at 25%), it will prolong the time of labor, as well as the suffering of the mother and the baby.

Throughout human history women have given birth. Encourage you to trust that the moment of delivery, if there is no medical cause that indicates otherwise, will occur. Let yourself be surprised by it and you will begin to notice the contractions that will inevitably lead you to give birth to your baby. It is a natural, unique and wonderful process that only a woman and mother can live. Like the fruit falls from the tree when it is ripe, your baby will be born when nature considers it so.

Encourage you to carry the pregnancy to term and let nature take the reins in this process, feeling the magic of life pass through you and let yourself go through and modify by this experience that will change you forever.

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