Halloween spider. Children's recycling crafts

Halloween spider. Children's recycling crafts

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These hairy and terrifying Halloween spiders are made from recycled material and are ideal for decorating at a children's party. And, to do so, we have used cardboard egg boxes and a lot of imagination.

Spend a fun afternoon with your children, making this simple craft for children. In addition, it will help them to enhance concentration and develop motor coordination

  • Cardboard egg box
  • Orange pipe cleaners
  • White glue
  • Yellow and orange cardstock
  • Orange and black tempera
  • Marker pen
  • Pair of scissors

1. Before starting, make sure you have all the supplies you need.

2- Cut out the egg box to have only two egg cups.

3. Paint the egg cup with black tempera and when it dries, make small orange stripes.

3. Cut out a circle of orange card, paint eyes and mouth and glue it to the egg cup with glue.

4. Fold the pipe cleaners in a v shape and glue them to the spider's body with glue.

This craft has been made byLaura, ofJuice Animations.

Video: Halloween Spider Rings using Pipe Cleaners - no glue craft (November 2022).