Soft cod for Christmas

Soft cod for Christmas

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This fish is very common at Christmas parties, due to its characteristic flavor and texture. There are countless ways to prepare it: the Spanish, the Portuguese ... in this case we opted for a very mild version.

With a delicate and simple flavor, accompanied only by some vegetables, this cod will be a good choice for children on any special occasion, especially for family parties such as Christmas.

  • 1 desalted cod
  • 4/6 potatoes (depending on size)
  • 1 large onion
  • White pepper
  • Salt
  • Garlic

Tips: Dare to modify the recipe by including other vegetables such as leeks or carrots.

1. Cook the cod in plenty of boiling water with a little salt. Once cooked, crumble and place in a bowl.

2. A different saucepan, cook the potatoes. When they are soft, pass them through the Chinese or food processor.

3. Mix the cod with the potatoes until you get a uniform mass.

6. Sauté a minced onion, a little white pepper and some minced garlic cloves in a pan with olive oil.

7. When it is sautéed, add the dough formed by the cod and the potatoes to this mixture and let it boil for a few minutes so that it takes on flavor.

8. Remove all pasta from heat and serve hot plate. If you include other vegetables, place them to garnish on top.

Recipe sent by Carlos Giordano Junior - Brazil

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