What things do children inherit from their parents

What things do children inherit from their parents

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It seems that when a new being comes into the world, they are destined to be genetically better than their parents, and perhaps this is the case, human evolution has to improve little by little, just like all species of living beings on our planet. A child inherits half of their DNA from each parent so each parent passes half of their DNA to each child they have.

This is possible thanks to sexual fertilization that combines the DNA of the father and the mother (the sperm and the egg contain only half of the genetic information of each parent). For this reason there are families that maintain a certain genetic identity, but it is also possible that a child is genetically different from his parents, grandparents or siblings, only identical twins will have exactly the same DNA, but the personality and the way of being will never be identical.

Some inherited traits are transmitted only through the mother or through the fatherOthers are transmitted depending on which traits are strongest in the parents as the dominant traits or simply something that is more prevalent within the family. Even DNA can determine genetic disorders. But in DNA you can inherit many other things that are worth mentioning.

Have you ever seen yourself reflected in your son's stubbornness? Have you seen how your child speaks with the same gestures as you? Some personality traits seem to have a genetic basis, but several genes are those that contribute to this although it is not the only thing that collaborates in it. The child's environment also has a lot to do with the personality, genetics is what predisposes a person to be one way or another but the environment is what will really help a person to be one way and not another.

If your child has a genetic tendency towards certain personality traits, he could develop them only if the environmental conditions together with the genes make it occur that way. For example if your child has tendency to be depressed or short-tempered and you live in a home full of stress and sadness, most likely you have a way of being where depression and sadness predominate. On the other hand, if you live in an environment where optimism makes you have confidence in yourself, then your personality will be able to develop towards other less sad paths.

A child may be what they see at home, and the example that parents have at home will be what really marks their behavior and lifestyle, even if they tend to be one way or another.

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