Children's games to work on fine motor skills

Children's games to work on fine motor skills

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Thefine motor skills it is one of the most important learnings in childhood. Its stimulation can get children to promote their imagination, creativity and intelligence through different activities that contribute to their development.

So that children have the ability to coordinate their body with precision we can help them through guidelines such as drawing or writing at an early age. In this way, thefine motor skills.

If what we want is to know how to stimulate fine motor skills in our children, first we have to know what exactly it is and what it consists of. It is about the coordination of movements of the different parts of the body with precision, specifically the ability to handle the hands until reaching the necessary maturity to be able to write or draw.

Depending on the age of the child, the forms of stimulation will vary, since fine motor skills can be learned through geometric shapes, lines or drawings or solving enigmas. Putting our children in front of these types of disciplines as they grow up will make their psychomotor capacity grow with them.

When children are older, finding games so that fine motor skills are stimulated, learned and fun is essential.

- Stickers: If what we want is to promote concentration and learning in our children, we can play stickers with them. Choosing those that have a more colorful color or a more special shape will help the child feel more comfortable and happy. To stick them, we can draw a shape that the child easily recognizes, perhaps a square, triangle or rectangle, so that they fill in the relief with the stickers in question.

- Punching games: You can make a drawing on paper or cardboard and they try to dot it with the help of an awl or even with the tip of a pencil. This way they will be able to stimulate their motor skills.

- Activities with paper: For younger children, paper games are often a real party. In addition, this helps their fine motor skills if we teach them to tear it, make it balls or bend it into specific shapes.

- Working with tweezers: The children have to try to paint a sheet of paper and place tweezers around it.

- To paint with the fingers: it will enhance your sensitivity with your fingers and develop your motor coordination as well as your creative ability.

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