The baby who climbs without a harness and the importance of training skills

The baby who climbs without a harness and the importance of training skills

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Ellie is only 19 months old and already knows what it's like to climb ... without a harness. It's amazing how he climbs with ease, carefully choosing each step he takes. Of course, her parents are climbers, and the little girl, despite her age, trains daily.

Surely many parents think that their children are fantastic climbers. But it is one thing to dedicate yourself to climbing a tree and quite another to be able to climb a vertical wall several meters high. Ellie gets it.

While other babies hoard mountains of toys in the room, Ellie has a small climbing wall next to her crib. Every day he climbs for it, without any restraint. Her parents just have to watch and stay alert in case they have to help her. But the little girl climbs with skill and ease. So the day they took her to a bigger climbing wall, she didn't have much trouble getting to the top. Calmly, yes, meditating each step, like the most expert mountaineers.

With these images we can see how Ellie, who does nothing, learned to walk, climbs a totally straight wall, without any help and with firmness. He measures every hand and foot movement well and does not lose sight of his goal. Example of effort and improvement or is it perhaps an irresponsibility of the parents?

The truth is that their parents climb. They love nature and mountains. The little girl has been out in the country since she was born. And next to his crib, presiding over his bedroom, there is a small climbing wall that goes up the wall. It's Ellie's training zone. For the little one, this is nothing more than a game, where she can stimulate and develop her skills. Many kids like to climb ... why not make it easy for them?

At 18 months, babies are already walking and moving with more agility. They are in full development of their motor skills and are beginning to use their fine motor skills as well. Climbing is good finger training and enhances arm strength. Also, the 18-month-old baby is already starting to use the deduction. He is able to devise a system to catch something he cannot reach, or to think about what will happen if he makes a certain move. Climb helps to plan movements and to further develop deductive capacity.

And of course, climbing enhances the spirit of improvement and effort, one of the fundamental values ​​in the education of children.

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