Activities for babies and children in the water

Activities for babies and children in the water

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All the stimuli that the baby receives during the first months of life make a lot of sense to him, since they are very important for his development and growth. Play is the first stimulation activity for babies. Through the game, you can interact and communicate with them. For this reason, it is very important that parents offer activities with different materials and in different media for the baby.

Since, we propose activities that can be developed with the baby in the aquatic environment. The contact of the baby with the water in the pool can transmit a pleasant and pleasant experience. Learn about recommendations on what the baby's first contact with water should be like, how he can learn to swim safely and with suitable materials, and how he can enjoy this experience.

Baby's first contact with water. Swimming for babies. Cruz Lobo Sanz, infant swimming instructor, reveals to our site what are the secrets of a good adaptation of the baby to the aquatic environment. How should be the adaptation of the baby to the aquatic environment. How the baby's first contact with water should occur.

Matronation. Mother and baby in the water. our site interviews Elena Martínez Albertos, co-director, pedagogical advisor and family consultant of SwimANDcoach. She talks to us about the benefits of midwifery for babies' emotional and motor development.

The safety of the baby in the pool. Drowning deaths among children under 14 years of age are up nearly 90 percent in the summer from the rest of the year, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. We give you a series of tips to keep children safe in the pool. Safety tips for children in summer.

How to teach the child to swim. How can we help our children learn to swim? On our site we learn what guidelines to teach children for swimming.

How to teach the baby to swim. Swimming for babies is an activity that stimulates the entire locomotor system through psychomotor exercises. It is beneficial for the respiratory system and the heart of babies. Infant matronatation.

Why teach the child to swim. We explain why it is a necessity to teach children to swim. The importance of teaching children to swim from a very young age. Why teach children to swim.

Benefits of midwifery. Midwifery is an aquatic stimulation exercise with very positive benefits for the development of babies. Babies learn to float and move in water with the help of their parents. They also learn to relate and communicate with other children.

Swimming lessons in videos. Babies swimming class in the pool videotaped. Videos selected by our site with children and babies. What is midwifery and how to introduce the baby to the pool or the sea.

Children's swimming. Children's swimming is an excellent sport for boys. How to teach your child to swim. Swimming is one of the most complete sports activities and is suitable for people of all ages.

Material necessary for children's swimming. Basic material for babies to learn to swim in a pool. Cruz Lobo, baby swimming instructor, explains to us which are the most suitable swimming materials for children to use until they can defend themselves autonomously in the water.

Stimulation exercises in the water. Stimulation exercises to play with babies in the water. Thanks to the movement in the water, almost all the muscles of our body are activated, and in the case of babies, it is very important for the development of motor, cognitive, sensory and social areas.

Be careful with children in the water. Cautions and precautions with children in the water. Even if the little one knows how to swim, we must never lose sight of our son even when there is a lifeguard in the pool.

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