The right frequency to bathe the baby

The right frequency to bathe the baby

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How often should I bathe my baby is one of the questions that new mothers ask themselves the most. We all know that maintaining proper hygiene is very important for the health of the baby, but what is a proper hygiene? As with adults, the baby's hygiene should not sin by default, but not by excess, so as not to irritate the baby's sensitive skin.

As for the baby's bath, the first days you can maintain the baby's hygiene with a damp spongeEspecially if you get scared when you put him in the water and have a bad time. In any case, there is no problem in bathing him from the first moments. Parents have the question, How often do I bathe it? The truth is that there are different opinions about it.

There are experts who believe that it is not necessary to bathe the baby every day. Once or twice a week would be enough as long as the genital area is kept clean and germ-free, with the diapering and the hygienic care it implies. The reasons they give for this frequent bathing is that a baby of a few months hardly gets dirty and that a daily bath could damage their skin.

For their part, those who defend the Daily bathThey see it as a healthy ritual at a hygienic level, but also a family approach. The complicity that is established at the time of the bath between the parents and the baby is very special and it is about those unforgettable moments in the development of the baby that promote affection and the feeling of protection.

If the baby's bath is characterized by being a magical moment to enjoy and remember over the years, it is also true that there are several precautions at the time of bathing the baby. Especially important is the water temperature, which should be between 32 and 38 degrees, as well as the room temperature, which should be warm. It is always better to start bathing in a special baby bathtub to avoid unnecessary risks.

During the entire time of the bath you will have to hold the baby with one hand, to prevent him from slipping. And try to use specific soaps for babies so as not to damage their Ph and avoid irritations. If you have decided to bathe your baby daily, it is not necessary that you use soap every day, it is better that one day you bathe him with soap and the next you only do it with Water.

Put everything you will need after the bath, such as towels, creams and clothes, close by so that when the baby comes out of the water he does not get unnecessarily cold. And pay special attention to the most delicate cleaning, such as the genital area or ears.

Laura Velez. Writer of GuiaInfantil

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